VMP Turbo Electronic Actuator

Basic Info

Model No.: PR0603-015

Product Description

VMP Turbo Electronic Actuator 

    These Actuators are manufactured to OEM specifications to perform exactly like the factory units, the actuator controls the amount of exhaust gases flowing through the turbine to create boost. The factory electronic actuators commonly suffer failures in the mechanical gearbox (lower aluminum portion) and only occasionally in the electronics (upper black plastic portion). 
Symptoms: Limp mode and Diagnostic Trouble Code P0299-Turbo Underboost or P0234-Turbo Overboost.
Electronics Failure - Usually starts as an intermittent problem and develops into a permanent fault.
Normal wear and tear on electronics (approx. 150,000 miles).
Catastrophic physical damage to the circuit board due to attempt to repair, improper installation or testing.
Mechanical Failure - actuator gear stuck in open or closed position causing under/over boost condition
Rough handling during mechanical repairs around the turbo, installation or testing of the actuator.
Normal wear and tear on high mileage vehicles (over 200,000 miles).
Catastrophic failure of main gear.

Vmp Turbo Electronic Actuator F

Vmp Turbo Electronic Actuator T

Vmp Turbo Electronic Actuator Bottom

Vmp Turbo Electronic Actuator B


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