Stainless Steel Seal Ring

    If you are looking for a weather-resistant hardware that stands up well when exposed to water, then you will love the selection of stainless steel O-rings at Our stainless steel O-rings are resistant to rust. So, they will work when for folks that spend a lot of time in and around fresh or salt water. Where can you use O-rings? Stainless steel O-rings are commonly used for pet collars, purses, bags, belts high fashion style clothing and so much more! Choose from 1 inch, 1 ½' and 2" O-rings. Strapworks' O-rings are available in stainless steel. However, they can also be powder coating with one of Strapworks' 24 stylish stock colors for a small additional charge. Powder coating is only available for our metal hardware and will take additional time to process your order. For more detailed information on Strapworks' stainless steel O-rings, please click on the RED technical specs tab above.  

    This patented design features lightweight, cost-effective and low-torque.

    This valve product is comprised of valve body, disc, stem and seal ring. It offers various actuation options including electrical, manual, pneumatic and control apparatus.
    This state-of-the-art triple offset design ensures zero leakage, immediate closing and opening and frictionless closure, thus replacing traditional Gate, Globe and Ball valves.

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