Cold Resistant Hydraulic Accumulator Bladder

    Cold Resistant Hydraulic Accumulator Bladder.   

    The standard bladder accumulator consists of a [closed" rubber bladder inside a forged steel shell. A mechanically actuated valve closes when the fluid has been expelled, blocking off the fluid port, thereby enclosing the bladder within the shell. Where high discharge rates are required, a high flow model is available.Applications with corrosive environments may require shells furnished with an internal and/or external coating or manufactured from stainless steel.

    The top repairable accumulator permits service and maintenance of the bladder without removing the accumulator from the hydraulic system.
When the pressure level of a system permits, a low pressure accumulator may be used. It is similar to a standard bladder accumulator, except that the poppet valve is replaced by a perforated plate covering the fluid port, and the shell may be of welded construction.
    Bladder-type accumulator from the fluid portion and a gas-tight capsule with spacers (filled with nitrogen) composition. Located in the capsule surrounding fluid communication with the hydraulic circuit. When the pressure rises when the fluid into the bladder accumulator gas is compressed, the pressure oil is stored; when the pressure drops, the compressed gas expands, and then the oil into the hydraulic circuit, the system's energy to be compensated.

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