Supercharger For Construction Machinery

Main Features :
    Small construction machinery engine is researched and  developed by QuanChai, integrate domestic and foreign advanced engine design concept, adopt Pro-E, UG and other advanced 3D design software, use advanced CAE analysis technology, optimized structure improve the  stiffness of parts , fully guarantee the high reliability, strong power, good economy.
*Using the direct injection combustion chamber, easy starting, low oil consumption, good economy.
*Long stroke, large torque backup, strong power.
*The engine has stable speed, small vibration, low noise performance advantages.
*The key parts are same as of parts for vehicle diesel engine,better exchange and universality and durable.
*The structure is compact, light weight, convenient installation and arrangement.

*The market retains quantity is large , sufficient spare parts, convenient maintenance.

    Contruction machinery series diesel engine consistent with good quality , the use of the direct injection combustion chamber ,easy to start , low fuel consumption ,economy , compact structure , light weight ,easy to install, it has large torque reserve , low noise and other performance advantages , The key components are optimized for high-speed automotive diesel engine parts and components ,so that the reliablity of diesel engine has good market interchangeability and versatility . 

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