Metal Seal Ring

    The versatility of a sturdy metal O-ring can never be overestimated. Here at Strapworks, we proudly offer basic metal O-rings in a huge selection of colors and sizes, including large diameter steel rings. These metal craft rings are made of steel and form a closed loop with a welded seam for impressive strength suitable for light- to medium-duty applications. Our rings are also stocked in stainless steel and brass and can also be colored per client request. If you opt for colored rubber O-rings, know that the colored powder coating we apply also gives the rings rust and corrosion resistance.
    At Strapworks, we give you the option to order your metal O-rings with a natural finish or a colored powder coat finish. The powder coating process not only gives your stainless steel ring hardware a nice look, but it also helps prevent rust and corrosion. Currently we have a range of great colors of powder coating to choose from. Please note that powder coating is not permanent; it will chip and deteriorate over time, especially in any "hard" use. For a more durable black finish, we recommend you check out our black hardware selection. If you have any questions on the powder coating process, please send an email to and we'll get back to you as quickly as possible. Order your metal O-rings as part of a custom strap order, or get them individually to go with existing materials already in your possession. When you're ready to checkout, simply fill out the requested information, click to complete your order, and expect your metal O-rings at your door in a few short business days! 

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