High Speed Steel Seal Ring

    The high flexibility of the seal lip and spring combination allows for use in applications with large deflections or very high speeds. The seal body has an internal reinforcing metal ring that ensures high retention during installation.

    This high-performance gasket and the seal material is an excellent selection for applications that are challenging, demanding and requires a long-lasting seal. Viton (fluoroelastomer) is often used in appliances, the automotive industry (valve stem seals, transmission seals, powertrain systems), chemical industry, fluid power industry, and the aerospace industry due to its flexibility, reliability, and its ability to perform over a wide temperature range.
    Fluoroelastomer has a variety of traits that make it ideal for both low and very high-temperature and corrosive applications. It is resistant to oil, heat, and a broad range of concentrated acids. Viton (fluoroelastomer) can stand up to compression when other elastomers may embrittle at high temperatures. It`s excellent for sealing gases and aliphatic hydrocarbon fluids. Fungus, mold, weather, atmospheric oxidation and sun do not affect Viton (fluoroelastomer).

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