Custom Rectangular Rubber Seal Ring

Basic Info

Model No.: PR0604-006

Product Description

Custom Rectangular Rubber Seal Ring

    Rectangular profiles provide design engineers with greater flexibility, especially for applications with nonsquare grooves. The profile dimensions can be designed independently from each other; therefore, engineers can vary the thickness to better fit the groove.

    The profile`s rectangular geometry enables customers to easily customize the seal dimensions to fit their application`s specific grooves. TechSeal`s manufacturing capability allows us to create this rectangular profile with unlimited cross-sectional dimensions, adding to the seal`s design flexibility.
In addition, the wide rectangular surface contact area can compensate for imperfections in the cast or machined mating components. TechSeal`s team of Application Engineers are available to assist our customers with seal design and material selection. 

Product Features:

• Maximum sealing surface contact area with minimum compression

• Improved ID or OD retention

• Rectangular geometry and manufacturing process allow for greater design flexibility

• No flash, voids, non-fills, or parting lines

• Wide selection of sealing grade materials available

• Custom cross section dimensions from 0.030" to 18" in ID

• No molds required

Custom Rectangular Rubber Seal Ring

Custom Rectangular Rubber Seal Ring T

Custom Rectangular Rubber Seal Ringo

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